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From Your Mod, Esq. - Links Instead Of Content.
Because the Internet really is a truck.

First Responder Of The Heart posting in Links Instead Of Content
who: linkphasia (posted by conformer)
when: 06-09-2009 07:00
what: From Your Mod, Esq.
look: Public
Dear friends.

As is customary every hundred posts or so, linkphasia will be taking a hiatus of at least one solar week starting this coming Monday.

The reasons are twofold this time. Firstly, to periodically send up a test balloon to the reading audience and see who salutes:

Poll #1413374 Links Instead Of Content: Whither Series 8?

Continue or desist?

More links, pleeze.
I've had sufficient, thanks.

In addition, Your Humble Narrator will most likely be leaving the country for an indeterminate length of time soon, albeit to a country that also enjoys the relative luxury of internet connectivity. A few of you have expressed an interest in being my proxy in the event that I am unable to continue to harvest links; you'll be contacted soon if such a situation arises.

You're welcome. Your silence is always taken in the right way; that the content of the links is agreeable to you.

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June 2009