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Links Instead Of Content.

Because the Internet really is a truck.

Links Instead Of Content
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I am conformer, Your Humble Moderator, and my word is law.

I post five links a day, five days a week. Dark weekends.

  • Membership to linkphasia is moderated. E-mail to join.
  • There are no posting restrictions for members. (See below) Non-members cannot post.
  • All entries are moderated, unless I've given you co-mod superpowers. If you don't know if you have co-mod superpowers or not, you probably don't. I reserve the right to reject any submissions in the pipeline. Don't take it personally.

Where to look for links:

Start with your favorite search engine, news reader, or RSS feed. Visit content aggregators like reddit, Digg, Netscape Propeller, Rojo, Newsvine, and Tailrank. A goofy Wikipedia article is always appreciated.

  • Don't link to a link. Find the original source or a permalink whenever possible.
  • Don't link to anything that automatically resizes browser windows. People hate that.
  • Be succinct in your link text. If your post wordwraps, it's too long.

  • Do not e-mail links to me directly. Post them yourselves. Here's the HTML template I use.
  • Post a maximum of five links per post. Post a maximum of three times every 24 hours.
  • Think quality, not quantity; substance, not spam.
  • If you tag, be as broad as possible without getting amorphous. For example, don't tag something "xbox wii playstation" if "video games" will do.
  • No porn. Period.
  • Be nice or leave. No flaming, trolling, or advertising. Grow up.

Above all, be interesting.

There is currently a talent search in place for a co-moderator. If you think you have the chops, holla.